Changing career: learning to deal with uncertainty

Finding a sense of purpose is the main reason to change career – including among my clients. This feeling arises very often after one event, acting as a catalyst: having children, losing a parent, being an expatriate, even more an expatriate partner, a divorce…

Changing career is also very often a dream. A dream that anything is going to be better on the other side of the fence if only you have the courage to jump.

But changing career doesn’t usually happen overnight.

On the contrary, it is more likely to be a long and iterative process, filled with doubts, hesitations and fears. But still doable, as long as you really know 1) why you want to change; 2) what you want to do.

Sometimes small changes in your current situation are enough to make you feel this sense of purpose. And before plunging into the void of endless possibilities, check your career and try to understand what you like doing. In other words, find the common thread of your professional life and try to continue unwinding it in your new career.

Cutting it elsewhere: how to change career

Sarah Haïlé-Fida

Conseil en analyse des risques psycho-sociaux, gestion des âges et formation.

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